Does Search Engine Optimization Work Long Term?

Does Search Engine Optimization Work Long Term - U Visibility

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Do you want potential customers to be able to find and click on your website? Of course you do! But it’s often easier said than done. Search Engine Optimization — or SEO—can seem overwhelming and hard to get the hang of. However, when done the right way, search engine optimization can work wonders for the amount of traffic you get to our website. In turn, it will increase the amount of business you get and improve your bottom line!

Short-Term Effects of SEO

It’s easy to see why people invest in short-term SEO—but that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice. You might see higher page views right off the bat. However, this won’t last. Short-term SEO consists mostly of backlinks, or link building, and occasionally social mentions. Search engines—such as Google—have made it clear that a huge increase in backlinks on your site alerts them to the possibility of paid links or inorganic backlinks, meaning that the links did not come up naturally in your site. Just like your customers aren’t a fan of paid links and comment spam, Google also frowns on the overuse of these short-term strategies.

Short-Term SEO Fails to Optimize Your Whole Site

When it comes to short-term SEO goals, the primary focus is on backlinks. When you are looking for quick results, there’s no time to focus on actually optimizing the rest of your site. This means that relevant landing pages will be overlooked. If only your homepage is optimized, Google will flag it as irrelevant and could bump your search engine ranking way down.

Algorithm Chasing Doesn’t Work

According to ClickZ, the short-term SEO strategy pattern goes like this:

1. The search engine algorithm changes
2. Your website traffic drops
3. You communicate your dissatisfaction with the SEO firm that offered short-term benefits in the first place
4. The software engineers at the SEO firm try to reanalyze the algorithm to re-optimize your site
5. The SEO firm changes your site to fit that algorithm
6. Those changes go into effect
7. The search engine algorithm changes again

And the vicious cycle continues. The problem with algorithm chasing is that no one, not even a math whiz or expert software engineer, can predict future changes to a search engine algorithm. In fact, this kind of thing actually reduces the credibility of your site and, as a result, harms your business in the long term.

Long-Term Effects of SEO

According to SEO Hermit, SEO actually is successful because of the long term. If your goal is to increase traffic to your site and maintain a consistent increase, then optimizing long term is the way to go.

Setting the Proper Foundation with Long-Term SEO

SEO is one of the best investments that you can make for your site and your business. Optimizing for the long term helps you to make your site user-centered by accounting for many different search behaviors, listed on ClickZ, including: browsing, querying, foraging, scanning, reading, pogo-sticking, etc. And this kind of thing does not happen right away. It takes time to implement into your site and build up from its foundation. When done the right way, a website that focuses on keywords, is easy to use, and is search-friendly will receive major benefits over time.

Go the Long Route

So, does search engine optimization work long term? In short, yes. SEO actually works more effectively for your site when you adopt a long-term mindset rather than a short-term one. When designing your site for SEO, it is better to focus on the long-term benefits than to go the quick route just to reap the benefits sooner. “The quicker, the better” might seem like the ideal option at the time, but when it comes to SEO, delayed gratification is key and the phrase, “slow and steady wins the race” holds strong and true.

Don’t Trust Short-Term SEO Professionals

If you’re hiring someone to optimize your site for search engines and they are offering short-term SEO services, you should run the other way. Whether you’re outsourcing the SEO duties for your site or someone involved in your company is doing the work, you should ensure that a long-term plan is implemented, not a short-term one.

When it comes to search engine optimization, you are not going to—and really should not—see real and true results from SEO on the same day you implement it. However, as time goes on and you continue to optimize your site the right way, you will reap far larger benefits than those that go the short-term route.

About U Visibility

U Visibility is a professional SEO company in Connecticut. We help small business owners get more online leads, phone calls, and front page search engine rankings. Our local search engine optimization services focus on growing revenue. If you are a business owner and need more customers, let us handle it.

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