Case study - connecticut lawn care company

In a short period of time we helped our client, Greenskeeper Lawn Care, increase their online exposure. Our strategy involved website re-design and search engine optimization.

A friend of ours referred an organic lawn care client to our services. The company is Greenskeeper Lawn Care, Inc. and they are located in Bridgeport, CT. We spoke with the owner, Joe Konkol, and he expressed concerns over his website visibility across multiple locations on the internet. His goal was to maximize rankings in the organic Google search listings in order to attract more local customers from surrounding locations.

Joe had been using paid advertising through another company, and wanted to focus more on his organic search engine results. At first glance, we could see that their competitors were outranking them across many of the “lawn care” and “tick control”  keywords for selected towns and cities.

We consulted further with Joe, took a few brochures, and spent more time learning about their business. The reason we did this was to help our overall keyword research efforts. Our initial goal was to select the strongest keywords related to Greenskeeper Lawn Care’s services.

Our overall solution was to provide them with ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) services. The reason is because SEO focuses on improving organic rankings for select keyword phrases. Pay-per-click (PPC), or paid advertising, does not improve organic rankings at all.

We set up a list of keywords using our formula:

Keyphrase + Town / City + State = “Target SEO Keyword”

We then ran a website audit for their website,, and made sure it was fully optimized. In order to get the best traffic conversions, we consulted with Joe about restructuring his company website. We completed that full process within a week. Please see the screenshots below.

Old Website Screenshot - Greenskeeper Lawn Care
Old Website Screenshot - Greenskeeper Lawn Care
New Website Screenshot - Greenskeeper Lawn Care

As soon as the website was fully complete, we began our link outreach process. The purpose of link outreach is to gain strong links from other websites, to improve the authority of It also helps with the organic rankings as well. 

To do this, we generated helpful content related to Greenskeeper Lawn Care, offered it to website owners and bloggers for free, and asked them to post directly on their website with a backlink to  We also created web 2.0 backlinks and social media bookmarking.

Greenskeeper Lawn Care initially began with very low rankings. For some areas we couldn’t locate the website listing at all. In about 4 months, we managed to obtain page 1 rankings on Google for over 30 local keywords! Joe is very happy with the results, and we are working to get him even more visibility across the state of Connecticut.

Altogether, Greenskeeper Lawn Care is an example of a local company providing strong services to the public. U Visibility is proud to be their preferred internet marketing company, and hope to attract more customers for them going forward.

** If you contact Joe Konkol, be sure to mention this case study for a free lawn application!

what do we provide?

  • Website Audit Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Ranking Tracker
  • Backlink Audit / Cleanup
  • On/Off Site Optimization
  • Meta Tag Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Google Analytics Setup

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