5 Ways Content Marketing Builds an Audience

5 Ways Content Marketing Builds an Audience - U Visibility

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There’s a reason why content marketing is such a big trend right now. Content (like blogs, Instagram posts, YouTube Videos, case studies, infographics, and more) is incredibly popular with Internet users. People love content. You certainly can’t say the same about pop-up ads!

1. Content marketing educates your audience.

A customer who doesn’t know any better will probably reach for the first thing they see. Maybe they’ll pick your product or service, but it’s just as likely that they’ll pick a competitor. But if you can educate them and explain why your product or service is different or better, then they’re more likely to choose you over the competition. This is true no matter what type of business you have.

For example, a shopper might be overwhelmed by the number of choices in the shampoo aisle. They’re tempted to just grab the closest one and go, but then, they remember an infographic that they saw online when they were searching for hair care tips. They end up choosing a shampoo that was recommended in that helpful infographic. Without that educational infographic, the customer would have been choosing blindly. This is just one example of how content marketing can be beneficial for customers and companies alike!

2. Content marketing doesn’t annoy people, interrupt their lives, or contribute to their ad fatigue.

Nearly everyone gets annoyed with the constant commercials on radio and TV, the ads that seem to take up 50% of every magazine you buy, and the sneaky ads that pop up on webpages. Ever had to wait through several minutes of commercials or flip past pages of ads just to finish the article you were trying to read? It’s annoying!
With traditional marketing like commercials and pop-up ads, customers know they’re being marketed to. They might feel bombarded by voices saying, “buy this!” and “pay attention to that!” when they’re just trying to go about their day and mind their own business.

With content marketing, your advertising method isn’t annoying people. In fact, your audience is making the conscious choice to click on it and consume it themselves! Maybe the content in question is a blog post that answers the question they just Googled. Maybe it’s a funny YouTube video. Whatever it is, your brand is creating something desirable instead of creating something that people just want to shut out.

3. It allows people to connect with brands in a huge variety of ways, based on their preferences.

Some people like to read articles. Some people like to watch short videos online, while others enjoy listening to in-depth podcasts. Sometimes people want to watch something funny, while other times they’re looking for answers to serious questions. And, some people really enjoy visual content on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

Content marketing can fill ALL those needs and preferences! It’s so incredibly versatile. It allows your company to harness the persuasive power of visual media, audio, the written word, or a combination of all three. You can employ one method of content marketing or you can employ several to reach an even bigger audience. There are so many opportunities and possibilities for connecting with audiences!

4. Content marketing gives you an opportunity to show your company’s quality and professionalism.

A well-written article, professionally-produced video, or a helpful infographic can be a great way to display your company’s good qualities. These types of content will help establish your business as a leader in the field by sharing relevant knowledge and providing answers to people’s questions. Whether it’s written or visual content, it can show how professional you are by being visually attractive and well-done.

Content marketing is also a good way to show off your company’s values. Maybe you want to show that your company prides itself in its close attention to detail, its customer care, and environmentally-friendly practices. You can project all these values and more through content marketing!

5. It also gives you to opportunity to connect one-on-one with your audience.

Most content marketers share on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and blogs. All these platforms can foster back-and-forth communication and interaction. You post a blog on Facebook, people can comment their feedback or questions, and you can comment back. It’s interactive. It gives you multiple chances to connect with customers, inspire loyalty, answer questions, and make more conversions.

Commercials, newspaper ads, and billboards are not interactive, and they have a limited ability to connect with audiences. It’s just one more reason why content marketing is so helpful!

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