5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a PPC Management Company

5 Reasons to Hire a PPC Manager - U Visibility

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What is PPC?

PPC stands for “Pay Per Click,” and it’s a form of advertising that uses search engine listings or partner sites to display your ads. You’ve definitely seen PPC ads before: When you Google something and a business pops up at the very top of search results with “Ad” in a little box on the left-hand side, that’s a PPC advertisement.

How does PPC work?

You set up your advertisement to appear in the search engine results when people search for certain keywords. You have a budget, and you pay a certain amount each time someone clicks on your ad (which generally links to a landing page or a product listing on your website). When your budget runs out for the day, your ad stops appearing.

Why can’t I just do it myself?

You totally can manage pay-per-click advertising on your own! However, it is something that takes knowledge and time. General knowledge about PPC isn’t too hard to obtain—there are several blogs that can help you out. However, nothing can replace the experience that comes with managing lots of PPC campaigns. Time is often trickier to come by. You might find that you get busy with the rest of your operations and PPC falls by the wayside. Read on to find more advantages of hiring it out!

Here are 5 reasons why hiring a PPC management company is a great idea:

1. The Wrong Ad Copy Will Fail to Convert

If your ad copy isn’t up to par, people won’t be interested in your advertisement. Since you only have a small word count to work with in PPC ads, every single word matters.

To create great copy, you need to be a good writer with a solid understanding of what draws customers in. You also need to study what’s working for your competition to find out what type of copy will work the best. If your ad copy isn’t convincing enough, you’re wasting money on PPC ads.

A PPC management company will have a copywriter who is an expert in writing pay-per-click advertisements. They’ll research your competitors and come up with a catchy headline that is sure to grab attention.

2. Keyword Research Isn’t Always Easy

The foundation of a great PPC campaign is keyword research. You need to have a good understanding of your target audience, and then, you need to figure out exactly what these people are searching for.

Keyword research requires the use of specialized tools. While there are some free keywords research tools out there, it’s hard to get the most out of these tools without the experience to back it up.

PPC management companies work with keywords all day, every day. They’re great at dialing in on the right keywords to drive customers to your website!

3. Running a PPC Campaign Takes Time

Setting up a PPC campaign (and then managing it) will take a good chunk of time, especially if you aren’t super experienced with it. Even worse, if you aren’t managing your PPC effectively, you won’t be getting much out of your work— which makes it a total time-waster.

A PPC manager is a great way to outsource part of your daily work so that you can focus on core business tasks.

4. Settings & Terminology Can Get Complicated

When you get into the backend of a PPC campaign, there are a multitude of settings. If you aren’t sure what a certain setting does, it’s best to leave it alone. PPC campaign settings require precision, and you can make things even more difficult and confusing if you click on the wrong thing.

If you’re willing to do a lot of Googling and studying up, that’s great! Otherwise, consider hiring a pro who is already familiar with the settings and terminology.

5. PPC Can Make You Vulnerable to Fraud—Do You Know How to Detect & Stop It?

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous competitors out there who are willing to do anything it takes to get ahead. PPC fraudsters are quite common. They use automated scripts or programs to imitate web browsers and repeatedly “click” on your ad, causing your budget to run out quickly before it reaches your actual intended audience.

If you have a PPC manger, they’ll be constantly monitoring the situation so that they can halt these guys in their tracks. They know how to identify fraudsters and report them to ensure it never happens again. Proper, quick reporting ensures that your money will be refunded so you aren’t wasting your valuable resources.

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U Visibility is a professional SEO company in Connecticut. We help small business owners get more online leads, phone calls, and front page search engine rankings. Our local search engine optimization services focus on growing revenue. If you are a business owner and need more customers, let us handle it.

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