10 Benefits of Creating a Website for Your Business

Your business needs a website. Not only that, but the website needs to be up to date, informative, and easily accessible to your customers and clients. Still not convinced that a website is worth the time and investment? Here are ten of the biggest benefits of creating a website for your business!

1. It Sells Your Products and Services on Its Own

A website is an automated way to sell your products or services. People can access it anytime, 24/7, 365 days a year. Even if you don’t literally sell your products and services on the website, it can work as a “brochure” and convince people to contact you for more information.

2. It “Anchors” the Rest of Your Marketing Materials

Sending out direct mail? Include your website URL so that people can visit it to learn more about your business. Printing off business cards? Your website definitely needs to be on there. Creating social media pages? Be sure to link to your website—most social media users expect to be able to visit your website to learn more about you.

3. You Can Fill Your Website with Valuable Information

These days, when a person has a problem, they often turn to the Internet for the answers. Do you have helpful knowledge and solutions that are valuable to people? You can offer up this knowledge online, and anyone searching for the answer has the potential to land on your website. Not only will you be genuinely helping people out, but it will drive more traffic to your website, increase your brand visibility, and increase your chance of making more sales.

4. It Helps Establish Credibility

If someone is searching for your business and they find out you don’t have a website, they might think you aren’t very invested in your business. They might even think the business is no longer running or accepting new customers.

5. It’s Where Your Competition Resides

Even if you don’t have a regularly-updated website, we can bet your competition does. And if someone searches for your product and service and only sees your competitors, guess who’s going to get the sale? Not you.

6. It Helps You Control Your Reputation

Let’s say you have a restaurant, and when you search it on Google, Yelp (a popular review site) is the first thing to show up. What happens when you get a negative review? Everyone searching for your restaurant will see that bad review right at the top! But if you have a website that ranks higher than the Yelp page, people will only see positive things about your business at the top of Google results.

7. It Opens Up Your Customer Base

Even if you already have a customer base, it doesn’t hurt to get more leads. A website is a great way to connect you with new customers who wouldn’t have found your business otherwise. Depending on the type of business you have, you might even be able to have customers all over the world! The potential for growing your customer base skyrockets when you have an online presence.

8. It’s Great for Branding and Visual Marketing

Colors, images, and even fonts are all important parts of branding. They make your business memorable and help you build a good reputation. Websites are endlessly customizable and you can create gorgeous designs that will really draw your customers in. Images can be a huge selling point, too, especially if you’re selling products! And a website allows you to add an almost-unlimited number of images.

9. Websites are Fantastic for Local Businesses, Too!

While websites are amazing for global businesses, they’re also super useful for local businesses, even if you already have a good local customer base. People searching for “Family restaurant in (Your town), CT” will be able to find your business right away and you can draw in lots more customers that you didn’t even know were out there.

10. It’s Easier to Attain Than You Think.

And finally, we’d like to remove the biggest roadblock to getting a website. Many people think websites are hard and expensive to set up. That was true in the past, but these days, it can be incredibly easy and affordable with the help of a number of website platforms. With some platforms, you can even design a nice-looking website yourself—no experience necessary! Hiring a pro can be affordable too, not to mention incredibly helpful.

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