Professional google ads campaign MANAGEMENT

Do you need help with your Google Ads campaigns? We help small businesses across America capture instant Targeted Leads and Higher Ad conversions. Our certified experts will gladly help you today!

What is Google PPC management?

PPC (Pay-per-Click) is the online advertising ‘slang’ when a customer is paying a fee every time one of their online ads are being clicked. In other words, a company is paying for each visit on their website or landing page.

This is one of the most well known forms of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), where search engines will let you bid for a certain paid position on their results page – when a certain keyword of interest is being ‘searched’ that is related to your business, product or service.

Here is the thing, we understand that bidding and campaign tracking can be time consuming and expensive if done incorrectly. There are many factors involved in building a profitable PPC campaign – a lot of keyword research, organizing of ad groups, and creation of landing pages that will help you convert paid visits into a sale or lead.

It is crucial for your business, and budget, to have a Google Ads expert by your side to help determine the right moves and set realistic goals for your advertising campaigns.

Why use Us to manage your campaigns?

At U Visibility, we take care of everything for you. Our team of experts will plan and execute the proper PPC campaign strategy for your business at affordable costs. For every $1 spent, we try to gain $5.

You’ve read that right, our goals are to bring back about 500% ROI or more to your business investment – and this is a realistic number.

what do we provide?

  • Build Campaigns for Market Performance
  • Analyze Statistical Data for Optimization
  • Monthly Professional Reports with Details

Let’s talk about your Google Ad campaigns.